ArmaLite SPR Mod 1 with one-piece upper receiver/rail system and detachable side and bottom rails

ArmaLite® is known for its history of innovation, and the…


ArmaLite® is known for its history of innovation, and the introduction of the ArmaLite SPR Mod 1™ proves it once more, in spectacular fashion. The SPR Mod 1 is a forged, one-piece upper receiver/rail system with exclusive detachable side and bottom rails.

In true ArmaLite fashion, the SPR Mod 1 is like no other on the market.  With other one-piece systems, you’re stuck forever with the rails you get at purchase, and stuck with their limits.

But ArmaLite knows you and your firearm often have more than one mission, and you want options. ArmaLite gives you just that. The SPR Mod 1’s three o’clock, six o’clock, and nine o’clock rails are detachable.  That’s right, you can change your 1913 rails to fit your changing needs for sights… lights… lasers… grips… or swivels.


ArmaLite takes that versatility even further.  Each SPR Mod 1 comes with three extra rails standard, at no extra cost. We give you a 1913 rail with a quick detach sling swivel hole. Each rifle comes with a low insert for when you need a bare rail with a low profile.  There’s also a plain insert with a quick detach sling swivel hole. Changing your rails… your add-ons… and your SPR Mod 1… is as easy as turning an Allen wrench.

But ingenious versatility isn’t the only reason you’ll want an SPR Mod 1.  Its one-piece construction offers you a continuous optics platform (COP). There’s no gap to bridge between receiver and upper rail when you’re installing your scope or sights. This one-piece construction also gives the sighting platform extra rigidity. It’s a good, strong backbone. That means your sights will stay zeroed in the most trying conditions.

The SPR Mod 1 typifies the “ArmaLite Standard of Excellence.” With us, quality comes standard. There’s no extra charge for: the SPR Mod 1’s chrome lined, chrome moly vanadium steel barrel; its two-stage tactical trigger; the patented, extra strength steel bolt assembly; or the hard coated finish. These are all things that other companies consider options at an added cost.

The introduction of the new ArmaLite SPR Mod 1 is truly a new chapter in our history of innovation and our dedication to the quality you deserve.

Caliber: .223/5.56 NATO

Barrel: 16” chrome lined, chrome moly vanadium steel

Rifling twist: RH 1:7”

Muzzle Device: Flash suppressor

Front Sight Base: Picatinny gas block

Trigger: Tactical two stage

Length: 35.5” with stock extended; Approximately 32” collapsed

Weight: Approximately 6.5 lbs.

Accuracy: 1.5 – 2.5 MOA

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  • I saw your blog bookmarked on StumbleUpon. I love your blog and articles. Keep up the good work.

  • Come ArmaLite get with the program jump to the head of the pack and take this rifle to the next logical phase. The upper rail should be removable and replaceable like all the other rails on this rifle. Why would I want to fork out my hard earned cash on a rifle which is made into a paper weight by simply damaging the top rail.


    I knew you would understand.

  • Jay D

    I just read about this new design. I am a mechanical engineer and appreciate/enjoy firearms. I have been devoted to shooting for over 30 years.

    I would have made one thing different to make this new firearm better. It needs a quick change barrel system.