Armatac Industries 150 round SAW-MAG

The SAW-MAG offers for the first time a reliable and…

The SAW-MAG offers for the first time a reliable and efficient 150 rd magazine for the .223/5.56mm rifle. Designed to fit NATO standard (STANAG-4179) rifles, the SAW-MAG quickly converts a rifleman with a standard M4 into automatic support personnel. The flexibility of such force multiplication makes the SAW-MAG the most dominant accessory for the AR/M4/M16 family of weapons.

The SAW-MAG was designed to have the lowest operating drag due to friction. The ammunition is contained individually inside the drums on sprockets, each cartridge gets its own separate space, the ammunition is picked off the sprockets when they spin, not a typical high friction convergence found on cheaper designs. This is why our drums do not require graphite lubrication to work. The drum shell is designed to guide the cartridges with ridges and this also allows for the drum shell case to accumulate chamber residue from extended high volume usage.

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  • CBec

    The rifle used in the video is a POF-USA 416

  • jman

    Wow… that is very cool the rifle looks like a P.O.F. not a H&K Still very cool I’ll Take two!!

  • SO

    I think it’s about time the issue with the unreliable 200 round box magazine is addressed. Those things are cheaply made, do not stay in the weapon, and break easily. I was in a scout platoon and traditionally we didn’t carry any fire power heavier than the M249, and that was our high volume of fire weapon. It’s important to have it functioning and reliable, these new magazines should become the standard. I have some mixed feelings about the saw, while it is a good weapon it’s kind of a pain in the ass to maintain in the field. I saw problems with gunners getting their protective gloves stuck up inside the trigger weld causing a runaway gun which is extremely dangerous. What kind of weapon was the operator using in the video, looked like some sort of H&K.