ARMOR EXPRESS’ Seraph Ballistic Body Armor

A challenger for the most innovative product came from Armor…


A challenger for the most innovative product came from Armor Express in their new SERAPH ballistic body armor. This is considered by all LE officers on hand to be the “lightest” and “most flexible” body armor they had ever seen. Maintaining protection against many small arms, it is ideal even for plain-clothes work. SERAPH armor is constructed from a blend of Artec and Twaron microfilament fibers. It is available for both Level II and IIIA defense and can be ordered for both male and females. Each SERAPH ballistic system includes a concealable carrier and a 5×8-inch ARA-SHOCK plate. For more information, visit


-Inner suspension system holds armor in place and prevents sagging.
-Synchro-Stitch manufacturing technique provides greater flexibility and increased penetration resistance.
-Twaron Microfilament Fibers and Artec Co-polymer Aramid fiber.
-100% seam sealed waterproof ripstop pad cover protects ballistic materials from contaminants.

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