Armour of America Leguard™ sets a new standard of ballistic…


Armour of America Leguard™ sets a new standard of ballistic protection for the leg. Leguard™ is a rigid armor construction, yet our join design provides the mobility required for kneeling and running – Engineered for comfort and high impact absorption.


* QUICK RELEASE BUCKLES – No metal buckles.  AoA uses “Quick-Release”, U/L approved plastic buckles to reduce any secondary fragmentation damage.

* HARD SHELL SURFACE – Multiple hit capability – 3” on center (4 hits).

* BLACK MATTE FINISH – Paint surface is commercial aircraft “walk surface” flat black. *Colors available: Black, Tan or Custom

* FOAM PADDING – Rubber / Foam is special designed energy absorbing.

* MOBILITY – Flexible knee and ankle joints make it easy to kneel or run.

* ABSORBS TRAUMA – Specially engineered rubber / foam pads under each rigid section give maximum impact protection.

* LIGHT WEIGHT – Less than 4 pounds per leg.

* WIDE STRAPS – For comfortable and secure attachment to your legs with “Quick-Release” U/L approved plastic fasteners.

* BACKFACE SIGNATURE – Far less than soft armor.

* COLORS – Black and Tan

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