Army approves death penalty option in trial for accused Fort Hood shooter.

A U.S. Army general Wednesday approved a possible death penalty…

A U.S. Army general Wednesday approved a possible death penalty in the future military trial of Major Nidal Hasan, the American Muslim accused of killing 13 people at Fort Hood, Texas.

Hasan’s government appointed defense lawyer, John Galligan, has urged the military against allowing the death penalty as a possible sentence in a trial. He has insisted that a life prison term should be the most severe penalty under consideration and says a death penalty trial is more time-consuming and expensive. Galligan could not immediately be reached Wednesday.

Galligan also has repeatedly has complained that he and his client have been denied full details of what U.S. intelligence agencies knew about Hasan’s contacts with overseas terrorists, including Anwar al-Alwaki, now believed to be in Yemen and the target of American drone attacks.

Source: CNN

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  • General Jim M

    The death penalty should only cost about a dollar,one 7.62 NATO round between the eyes.

  • Jeff

    “John Galligan, has urged the military against allowing the death penalty as a possible sentence in a trial.”-Seriously this is about as much as he can do… short of proving the impossible, like Hasan having some sort of mental handicap… this whole trial is going to be Mr. Galligan begging for leniency. Just imagine how much time and energy would have been saved if Hasan “stayed down” for good.

  • CK

    OK, hadjis like this should not even get a trial. I hate how we try to be politically correct and say “accused of killing 13 people at Ft. Hood”. He isn’t accused of anything, he did it! There should be no jury, no trial for people like this, they have no right to deserve the same rights American’s enjoy, he should have already been executed a long time ago. Like as soon as he got apprehended no questions asked. They should have taken him out in front of everyone that was there when he gunned down those Americans and had a bullet put in his head. Quit wasting my tax payer dollars on pointless trials that should never happen. This is what is wrong with our country. Anyone that commits a crime against innocent people, especially our military should not have the luxury of our corrupt judicial system! This infuriates me so much!

  • General Jim M

    The people who took him alive should be courtmartialed.Next time something like this happens the order is “Shoot To kill”This guy might get some slight of hand support from the guys who brought us Operation Gunrunner and Operation Fast And Furious.So all you military guys out there,if you respond to a mass murder in progress,shoot as good as the terrorist and save your country millions of dollars.You’ll probably feel better too,knowing that you caught him in the act and may have saved others by cancelling his’ ticket with extreme prejudice.

  • Why has the punishment awarded to those who were responsible for recruiting, training, retaining, promoting and trasfering this Islamic Fascist been hidden from us?

  • tom

    This is fabulous!
    If yoy disagree with me that’s fine. You probably don’t agree with islam chopping off thieves hands either.

  • DP