Army bests Navy in missile intercept test

The final score: Army 3; Navy 1. That’s the number…

The final score: Army 3; Navy 1.

That’s the number of missiles each service shot down in the largest missile shield test ever, a joint exercise held in the western Pacific on Oct. 24. The Army shot down two ballistic missiles and one cruise missile at Kwajalein Atoll.

In contrast, the destroyer Fitzgerald engaged a cruise missile but missed the ballistic one. The reasons for the miss are unclear, but the Missile Defense Agency chalked up the whole exercise as a success.

MDA said that the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system operated by the Army “successfully intercepted its first medium-range ballistic target in history,” according to an Oct. 25 news release.

Fitzgerald — a Yokosuka, Japan-based ship equipped with the Aegis ballistic missile defense system and armed with SM-3 intercept missiles — “successfully engaged” a cruise missile flying low over the ocean, MDA said. The ballistic missile was another matter.

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  • John

    Are you F***ing serious Greg? You believe that this is unfair to the enemy? You think they wont hesitate to kill coalition forces? Do you support the deaths of American, and any ally force for that matter?

  • Gregory

    How unfair to the enemy is this? To think that we are so arrogant as to shoot down the enemy missiles before they hit us is beyond belief. The enemy has a right to kill us just as we have a right to kill them. After all, the enemy deserved their FAIR SHARE of the killing too. Remember, from those that have to those that do not. How is that HOPE AND CHANGE working for everyone? Now for those of a simple minded nature, I am being sarcastic. Let’s move FORWARD and institute some CHANGE before it is too late. GET OUT AND VOTE!