Army conducting “a wholesale re-examination” PTSD evaluation program at JB Lewis-McChord.

Image: United States Air Force The Army is conducting "a…

Image: United States Air Force

The Army is conducting “a wholesale re-examination” of soldiers whose post-traumatic stress disorder diagnosis was reversed by the military hospital at Joint Base Lewis McCord, Army Sec. John McHugh said Wednesday at a Senate hearing.

The review comes after revelations that a significant number of diagnosis had been reversed. Statistics showed staff at Madigan Medical Center on JBLM had reversed the PTSD diagnoses of 40% of the troops they’d evaluated, according to Sen. Patty Murray, Washington-D, who raised the issue at a hearing on Capitol Hill.

Lewis-McChord is the home base of Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, the soldier who is in custody for allegedly killing 16 Afghan civilians earlier this month.

Source: Larry Shaughnessy for CNN.

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  • Kevin

    Does this even surprise anyone anymore? The system failed him, and screwed many others out of the help they need.