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  • Uncle Buch

    What you dont understand is the US Military is required to spend Millions of dollars eah year to clean the training ranges that are used, and that is just the Army, any lead free round will also be used by the other branchs of the military, and then other government agencies. Also there is evidence that the soil in the training area do show signs of lead pollution. The money save from have to clean those training areas can be use for other programs.

  • russ

    This is a mystifying use of scarce taxpayer money. If the bullet hits its target it won’t pollute anything, and every bullet is intended to hit its target. Those that do not hit the intended target wind up in the ground, in trees, or in the walls of buildings. Is there evidence of lead pollution in France, Belgium, Germany or Vietnam that is directly attributable to small arms bullets? I’ve never seen such evidence. The RDE&T money on this ought to be converted to Procurement money and used simply to buy MORE ROUNDS.