Army Establishes Program Executive Office Integration to Support Modernization

The Department of the Army announced Friday that it established…

The Department of the Army announced Friday that it established the Program Executive Office (PEO) Integration to support current and future acquisitions programs.  This office supports the April 2009 Secretary of Defense decision to cancel Future Combat Systems (FCS) and restructure the program in accordance with guidance by the Defense Acquisition Executive to the Army outlined in the June 2009 Acquisition Decision Memorandum.

PEO Integration will oversee several project and product management offices which focus on the Ground Combat Vehicle, the Network, and Brigade Combat Team (BCT) modernization.

“It is important for the Army to establish a new PEO,” said Acquisition Executive and Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology Dean G. Popps.  “We are moving forward with efforts to improve our ability to equip brigade combat teams, and to modernize the Army consistent with the Army force generation model.  PEO integration will enable better portfolio management.”

As part of the Army’s transition to a new modernization strategy, this new PEO will enhance the Army’s ability to develop and deliver improved warfighter capabilities needed in current and future contingency operations, such as identifying threats from standoff positions, gathering and disseminating real-time intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance information down to the soldier level, removing soldiers from potential danger by using unmanned systems and providing the BCT with a 40-kilometer precision-strike and all-weather capability.

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