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The US Army Rangers is the oldest special operations force…

The US Army Rangers is the oldest special operations force in the United States military, dating to before the American Revolution. Rogers Rangers, the forerunner of today’s Rangers, were an elite light infantry unit during the French and Indian Wars. Other units have borne the title “Rangers” over the last 250 years including Mosby’s Rangers during the Civil War and the World War II Rangers. Today’s 75th Ranger Regiment dates to 1974 when the 1st and 2nd Ranger Battalions were reactivated.

army-rangers2.jpgRanger Battalions
After the invasion of Grenada in 1983, Operation Urgent Fury, where the Rangers parachuted in to secure an airfield, the 3rd Ranger Battalion and the Regimental Headquarters were formed. Today’s 75th Ranger Regiment is part of USSOCOM (United States Special Operations Command). The unit is headquartered at Fort Benning, Georgia, “The Home of the Infantry.” The battalions are based as follows: 1st Battalion, 75th Rangers—Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia; 2nd Battalion, 75th Rangers – Fort Lewis, Washington; 3rd Battalion, 75th Rangers—Fort Benning, Georgia.

Each of the three Ranger Battalions consists of three rifle companies and a headquarters and headquarter’s company. Authorized battalion strength is 580 but Ranger Battalions are normally 10 to 15 percent over strength to compensate for personnel who are undergoing specialized training or on special assignments. Each rifle company has an authorized strength of 152 Rangers.

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  • Victor

    You are all so special! My crew and I are just regular guys,0311’s. We don’t need a special column in a magazine to brag about how special we are; we just go out and try her done!

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  • hooah

    wow eric said it great. Never get why everyone is so obsessed with SEALs….they can’t ruck as well as the Rangers!!!!!

  • Eric

    Rangers are primarily a larger scale RAIDING force. Great trigger pullers and small arms pros.

    Special Forces are primarily a FORCE MULTIPLIER, teaching and utilizing indigent irregular forces. They have special language abilities along with specialized combat and organizational abilities. They are the most VERSATILE of all SOF forces.

    Navy Seals are primarily a maritime RAIDING force with very specialized underwate skills in addition to combat raiding skills. Army Special Forces they ain’t.

    DELTA FORCE operators are truly “the best of the best” from all the SOF units. Their abilities are nearly “walk on water” good.

  • I guess we can sort of all agree that BOTH the Navy SEALS and the Rangers are kickass, yet lets not forget the est, especially Marine Force Recon which are about as bad as they get, US Green Berets, Delta and last but not least, British SAS and SBS. Cheers!

  • Anyone who questions the most elite spec ops in the world.. SEALs… are undereducated. We get the job done. Humor is great for the soul. Thanks for the laugh.

  • Kenric Stoklosa

    Wow badmac. Way to show your true colors. Yay for seals, woah way to secure iraq buddy. I was stating my weapons of choice in the civilian world and you come parading your seal crap. By the way US Army Special Foces has been on the ground training locals and oppositions to ease the insertion of any force weeks if not months before a seal even knows what’s going on. I’ll take a Ranger or Spec. For. over a seal any day of the week. So what if you can be in cold water for hours at a time. We’re busy fighting while you’re busy swimming

  • steve nolan

    badmac read not a good day to die read up on what happened on padilla airfield in panama city panama during op just cause 1989 but lone survivor would be a good ref too historially not egotistically speaking every time naval special warfare steps on their pissflaps its one of the bn.s from rgt. that bails them out or rescues them not the other way around seal pup that is all R.L.T.W.!!!!

  • BadMac

    The Rangers lead the way AFTER the Navy SEALs have neutralized the threat and secured the area!

  • Cpl. Kenric Stoklosa

    Rangers DO Lead the Way. Thanks for a great article. I love your magazine. I have 3 of my favorite issues in my go bag at any given moment. Fully capable Colt M-4 Glock 21 12ga Mossberg 500 and Springfield M1A SOCOM II Fully Tact out is my weapons of choice and I’m always ready. Fitted with Blackhawk gear for rugged environments and 5-11 for urban or casual defense. I’m always ready. RANGERS LEAD The WAY! Hooah!!!