Army’s new plan aims to change way you eat, drink.

Big changes are coming to hundreds of chow halls. Soda…

Big changes are coming to hundreds of chow halls. Soda fountains will be replaced with milk and juices. Half of all vending machine snacks will be healthy. Short orders will be cut back. Fried foods are out, and baked foods are in.

Source: Lance M. Bacon for Military Times.

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  • Robert

    So what? Should all military personnel be ABN & Rngr qualified? If there are three support persons for each combat person, should they all maintain the same capabillities? The problem isn’t what they are eating. The solution is the old “Balanced Diet”. Eliminating certain foods(except sugars saturated junk)doesn’t address the problem. The Army stress weapons, first aid and languages, maybe it’s time for nutrition classes.

  • Technojunkie

    I hope they purge petrochemical food additives. It would be a shame to replace soft drinks with neon colored HFCS loaded sports drinks and pretend that that’s healthy.

  • Rescems2

    Gone with the wind When was the last time you looked at our Military, are you even part of it. There is an abundance of in shape folks yet an overabundance of duffle bag fat bodies. This a step in the right direction, An incredible over due step. You obviously operate outside the realm of reality and are probably a more instant gratification type personality who would prefer performance enhancing supplements over nutrition just saying. Oh ya and my credentials
    Security Forces member 15 years
    Sports Medicine Tech certified 13 years
    Orthopedic tech certified 13 years
    ISSA personal trainer 3 years

    So lets hear your solution.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    rotflmao. We are talking about 18-24 year old men and you think eating baked chicken instead of fried chicken will make them better atheletes??? Juice instead of soda will make them more effective! Do you really know what atheletes eat? Look up carb loading. Try running a marathon on fresh fruits. This is run away political correctness aimed at those who have no choice. It has nothing to do with atheletic ability.