Arsenal Inc Magazines for 7.62×39 AK Rifles

Introducing one of Arsenal Inc's latest accomplishments, the 5 and…

Introducing one of Arsenal Inc’s latest accomplishments, the 5 and 10-round 100% US made magazines for 7.62×39 AK rifles.

For the first time ever, there is a 100% US made magazine with a steel lug insert. The solid steel lug allows for a precision fit and longevity for the magazine. Your magazine will not wear over time due to rubbing against the mag catch.

AK 47 Magazine

The new double-stack magazine is perfect for all shooting enthusiasts who like to bench shoot or shoot from prone position. There are also great for those of you that live in a state that only allows lower capacity magazines.

AK 47 Magazine

These magazines are made using the original Kalashnikov design. They are not reverse engineered and are made to the original specs. These are by far the highest quality, low profile magazines on the market today. These magazines pass the Russian Mil-Spec drop tests. Smooth body made from the same high quality polymer and texture as the US made furniture found on all Arsenal Inc. firearms.

AK 47 Magazine

AK 47 Magazine

The magazine will count as three (3) 922r compliance parts and is available in plum and black colors.

No L.E.O. or MILITARY unit would accept inferior non Mil-Spec magazines, SO WHY WOULD YOU?

We might be based out of Las Vegas, but we won’t gamble with your lives.

These magazines come with a limited lifetime warranty.

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  • It would be nice learning there is consistency with manufacturing the various magazines, be they 5, 10, 15, 20- round capacity or more within the availability of given capacity of magazines; this being well documented and established for equitable reference. It might not help the predominate shooter tremendously in his effort to pass forward specific information that could qualify a prospective shooter to be excellent or better regarding commitment and time behind the trigger! Presently the FGC does not reward excellences within it’s own ranks… the result being the often demoralizing effect of “who gives a damn!”

    It would be good to assure all basic sized magazines are available to every shooter, regardless of his/her style of shooting… minimumly to exert some degree of expertise through paricipation of idicated events. Just my two cents worth.

    G. Fries
    DAB FL 32117

  • Baker

    These look nice. Finally something with more Russian design.