ASA Side Charger Carbine 5.56

Resurrecting a defunct company, especially one that suffered from poor…

Resurrecting a defunct company, especially one that suffered from poor consumer perception is a daunting task. But Joe Sirochman proves that it is not impossible. The enthusiastic new owner of ASA (American Spirit Arms) is confident that he can not only reestablish the company but also capture a sizeable share of the crowded AR-15 market.

asa1Longtime AR enthusiasts will remember the original American Spirit Arms. Poor quality control, indifferent customer relations and personnel problems plagued the company. On top of that the original owner, Bob Reisner, was an unashamed non-gun person. Though he was a businessman, and a successful one at that, his lack of passion for building rifles contributed to the company’s discontent. The last year that the original company was operational, Reisner discovered that some employees were stealing from him. Disgusted, he boxed up the entire company and put it in storage.

“I was upset because I was really proud of the product that we were making,” said Sirochman. “By this time I was making all of his uppers and lowers and most of his barrels. I went ahead and started building guns under JPS Manufacturing name. The problem was, how many people are going to buy a JPS rifle? Nobody knew who we were. I was always in communication with Bob and I told him, ‘You’ve got all of this inventory and I need your inventory to sell my guns. Eventually we struck a deal.”’

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