Ashbury Asymmetric Warrior .338 LAPUA MAG

With the butt of the Ashbury International Group’s Asymmetric Warrior…

With the butt of the Ashbury International Group’s Asymmetric Warrior ASW338 locked firmly in my shoulder, I announced “on target” to my spotter. With a press of the button on the rangefinder’s data cable, the computer got the target’s range, angle, azimuth and computed the firing solution. “One thousand four hundred and sixty meters, 14.1 mils up, 0.4 left, stand-by for wind.” I dialed in the corrections and settled back on target. “Wind, 1.7 left.” I shifted my feet and hips a fraction to get the 1.5 mil hash mark just off the left edge of the target.

ashbury-intl2.jpgI completed my exhalation, pressed the trigger, and announced the break, “1.7 left, center.” The muzzle blast was muted by the suppressor, and the recoil dampened so well I easily remained on the target and saw the impact along with my spotter. “Hit, 7 o’clock, a few inches out of center.” I complimented my spotter on the wind call and paused to admire a system that could deliver a first-round hit on a man-size silhouette at 9/10th of a mile.

The ASW338 is a new military-grade sniper weapon system in .338 Lapua Mag. I need to stress the word “system,” since the rifle itself is only one of the components. The complete system includes day/night optics, rangefinders, computers, software and much more.

Ashbury International Group is not well known outside military procurement circles. They are not a gun company and are better described as a value-added equipment source. The company has over 20 years of experience in systems integration and training for military units. AIG is currently a prime contractor for the Marines, Army, SOCOM and DHS, delivering a variety of electro-optical devices and sniper-support equipment. The ASW338 system is a collaborative effort designed to give the sniper dramatically increased capabilities, in a package nearly identical in size and weight to the existing M40A3/M24 rifle series.

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  • DNACowboy

    Hmm, that looks a lot like the British ‘Accuracy International .338’ platform. How the prices compare?

  • Lee

    I have one in 300 win mag if anyone is interested

  • logan owen

    I’m with everyone else. This is an amazing weapon. But there is not enough information about availability or price.

  • Danny

    Will this rifle be available to civilians , also how does it compare to Barretts 98B? I’m kinda torn=/ between the 2 I want both but ya know…

  • Mike Nelson

    Where can i find a price on this weapon system..the website doesnt have much info on it.. alos is this for sale to the general public or only military and police?

  • Darrell Chapper

    I would like to have more information on this 1st class weapon system.


  • joseph cleveland

    Im currently in the military and am in afghanistan. I was wondering how I could go about getting a .338 lapua. If you could email me back about the specifics

  • Brandon

    Gorgeous rifle. Would love one. Christmas is closing in…

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