Ashbury Precision Ordnance Manufacturing has been created as a division…


Ashbury Precision Ordnance Manufacturing has been created as a division of Ashbury International Group, a very successful military contract supplier of sniper team equipment. With a focus on sniper rifle development, the Tactical Competition Rifle (TCR) is a direct outgrowth of the development of the Asymmetric Warrior system.

Gun Details
Based on the outstanding Surgeon RLR rifle action, the TCR will be available in .300 Win Mag, .338 Norma Mag, .308 and .260 Rem. A commercial version of the SABER-FORSST modular stock has been developed as a “drop in, torque down and shoot” system. Precision CNC machining and coatings are done here in the US to ISO 9001:2000 specifications.
The buttstock is adjustable for length, cheekpiece height and pad height without tools, and folds to the left via a simple push-button. An integral monopod completes the butt assembly. The carbon fiber and aluminum forend leaves the barrel totally free-floating while providing a mirage shield. Hard points are installed on all sides to affix an assortment of rails for any accessory that may be required. The modular center section is perfectly mated to the receiver via Grade 8 screws; no bedding is required.

A 5-round detachable box magazine uses an ambidextrous paddle release just ahead of the triggerguard. Box magazines are a very nice feature, permitting simple loading, unloading and changes in ammunition type that traditional drop floorplates turn into a real chore.

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  • Kathleen.Parra

    Since you know a lot about my favorite rifle, 300 Winchester Magnum, I have a question to hopefully settle my soon to be EX boyfriend’s nerves. First off, he doesn’t believe me when i tell him “the .300 winchester magnum IS in fact a rifle”, but it gets better cause he can’t understand how this “non existing rifle” can have the exact same name as the bullet (.300 winchester magnum). This isn’t the best part either, he is now telling me the law has prevented this bullet from being manufactured so therefore the rifle is, also, prevented from being manufactured. THE BEST PART OF ALL THIS NONSENSE out of his “intelligence” is that since i’m not including the serial number along with the 300 win mag’s model number and so forth that THAT makes ME the dumbass for ever thinking that this rifle and the bullet have the same name(.300 winchester magnum). Please correct me if i really am a dumbass about all this shit or if he is truly the most ignorant person i’ve ever met. Thank you for your time with this BS:]]

  • I wish to contact Cory Trapp regarding follow-up article for Huber trigger for REM700 rifles and Ashbury. Thank you.

  • S.Whitaker

    When will we be able to buy the SABER-FORSST Stock? What will the price be? What will be the price of the TCR .300 Win Mag be?

  • How pricey will this gun be? What is the availability?

  • Matt Cochran

    I’ve had the privlege to shoot several calibers of the SABER-FORSST platform, and have been highly impressed by both the accuracy and versatility of these rifles. The concept of developing a rifle that is absolutely customizable to the shooter has been long sought after and Ashbury has got it down. For as many adjustable parts as they have, the guns are suprisingly solid and function with smooth percision. I was also very impressed with the new Leupold scope. The oversized turrets with the locking buttons made adjusting elevation easy, even with a winter glove on my left hand.
    Semper Fi.