ATI Tactical Stock

Shotguns are not known for their ability to be comfortably…

Shotguns are not known for their ability to be comfortably shot by shooters of various body types. The Advanced Technology Shotforce six-position collapsible buttstock makes many fixed-stock shotguns more versatile. It is designed to fit most body types and is easily adjustable. This stock is endorsed by Department of Justice Tactical instructors and used by Law Enforcement personnel and U.S. Armed Forces around the world. Made of matte black, glass-filled nylon, it is the only collapsible stock that is engineered to fit 12 or 20 ga. Mossberg 500/590, Remington 870 and Winchester 1200/1300 pump shotguns. Each model requires the use of adaptors. A removable and adjustable cheekrest, a buttpad and a stock drop spacer are optional extras. For more info, contact:

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  • Michael Anderson

    Check out the Knoxx Stock for a premium shot gun stock. You can fire slugs or double 00 with hardly any felt recoil and the fit and finish is very good. I installed this stock on my Rem 870 with a trombone front end, a 4 round extension, a 18 inch barrel, vent on the barrel, and a red dot sight system. I tried other systems, but felt recoil was to high for the system. This one is great.,10.htm

  • Dan Larson

    I installed this stock on my Mossberg 500. I found the grip was to small and narrow and very smooth. I added the fuzzy side of Velcro to add grip and thickness. The narrowness adds to the felt recoil in the hand when fired from the hip or if significant stock to shoulder weld is not achieved during speed drills. The grip to reciever angle is to steep and the grip is fixed therefore not allowing the use of other AR-15 style grips.
    The buttstock attached with two very small screws and is made of moulded plastic. I wasn;t happy with this system especially after one of these screws stripped out. I addressed this with an Uncle Mikes Sling Swivel Stud, which also added a Single Point Sling Mount point. The M-4 buttstock was supplied with a slip on pad. I found this pad to be to firm so i attached a Simms Limbsaver but pad to the stock using Brownells Steel bed epoxy and 4 small stainless screws. This pad added length of pull which now allows me to fire the weapon from the shoulder with the stock adjusted to only the first notch very comforably.
    I did not like the shortness of the forend plus I train so intensly with my AR gripping by the magwell or forward pistol grip so keeping my left hand so far forward was difficult so I added an Ergo Grip Tri-Rail Picitanny forend and pistol grip.
    While I wouldn’t buy one of these set again myself I think if you are on a budget this set is a good entry level system.