American Tactical Import Titan Lightweight 1911
American Tactical Import's Titan Lightweight 1911.

ATI’s Titan Lightweight 1911 Shaves 5 Ounces Off Predecessor | VIDEO

New aluminum alloy frame cuts down on weight for ATI's Titan Lightweight 1911.
American Tactical Import Titan Lightweight 1911

American Tactical Import’s Titan Lightweight 1911.

The Titan 1911 from American Tactical Imports weighs in at 29.9 ounces — more than reasonable for a handgun of its capabilities. But ATI went ahead and decided to make things even lighter.

Shaving more than 5 ounces off of the original model, the ATI Titan Lightweight 1911 is single-action, officer model pistol. The lightweight, short barreled version is ideal for every day carry.

The “weight loss” of the newer model comes from a change in the frame. The original Titan 1911 is made with a steel machined frame. The Titan Lightweight 1911 replaces the steel frame with an aluminum alloy frame. It also features an ambidextrous safety lock.

Weighing in at just 24.8 ounces empty, the Titan Lightweight 1911 goes hand-in-hand for concealed carry situations. The lightweight version of the popular Titan is a 1911 pistol with a 3.13-inch barrel length, 3 3/8-inch bull barrel and an overall length of 6.93 inches. The bull barrel helps reduce recoil with the lightweight while increasing accuracy.

The Titan Lightweight 1911 is packed with features like the dovetail style low-profile rear sights and the texture patterned, mahogony grips. The pistol offers a seven-round capacity in .45 ACP.

The pistol also features an aluminum trigger with a three-hole skeleton. The frame of the Titan Lightweight 1911 is colored in matte black.

Like the frame, the slide is also colored in matte black and features a rear military serration.

The Titan Lightweight 1911 has an MSRP of $597.95.

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  • Alex Fraser

    Nope, mine weighs 27.7 ounces empty. WTF? I bought this BECAUSE it didn’t weigh the same as my Springer Compact. Called ATI, waiting for them to send me the real lightweight.