ATN OTIS-17 Thermal Multi-Purpose System

The ATN OTIS-17 multi-purpose thermal imaging system is built around…

The ATN OTIS-17 multi-purpose thermal imaging system is built around state-of-the-art uncooled Thermal Imaging Technology, highly integrated DSP based electronics all in a compact, lightweight system. The OTIS-17 is extremely versatile. Included and optional accessories provided allow for the monocular to be placed on a headset or helmet, connected to another monocular to build a binocular system, mounted as a riflescope, or as a handheld device. All of American Technologies Networks products provide excellent image quality and the OTIS-17 is no exception providing high resolution digital thermal imaging through total darkness, fog, smoke and most visual obscurants. Not even camouflage or bright lights will affect the sensitivity of the OTIS-17. The ATN OTIS-17 is also waterproof and has video and computer output capabilities.

ATN OTIS-17 Specifications:
Video Frame Rate: 30Hz
Magnification: 1.8x
Objective Focal Length: 25 mm
FOV: 11° x 8°
Focus Range: 1 m to infinity
Focus Adjustment: Manual
Exit Pupil: 14 mm
Eye Relief: 25 mm
Detector Type: Uncooled Microbolometer
Spectral Response: 7-14 µm
Pixels: 160 x 120
Pixel Size: 30 x 30 µm
Angular Resolution: mrad 1.2
Thermal Sensitivity: < 0.1°C
Range to Detect a Human: 475 m
Output Format: Analog PAL / NTSC
Display: OLED matrix
Display Format: SVGA, 852 x 600 pxl
Digital ZOOM: Fixed 2x (optional 5x)
Brightness Adjustment: Manual
Contrast Adjustment: Automatic
Available User Interfaces: From outside PC through USB interface
USB interface Power Supply: 2 x 3V, 123Atype
Start-Up Time: < 3 sec
Operating Time: w/1 battery pack 4 hrs
External Power Supply: DC 6V, 500 mA
Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C
Waterproof: Yes

Dimensions 1
95x81x105 mm (w/ weapon mount)
118x81x52 mm (w/o weapon mount)
0.74 kg (w/ weapon mount)
0.34 kg (w/o weapon mount)

Warranty: 1 year
MSRP: $8,195.00

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