Attack on Law Enforcement

Ever since I became a police officer 45 years ago…


Ever since I became a police officer 45 years ago I have seen a constant and increasing attack on America’s law enforcement community. Today it’s far worse than when I started my career. A former LAPD Sergeant who I worked with recently summed it up: “Being a cop today is the quickest way to do time for doing your job, or protecting your own life.”

adamsarms.gifAs a young police officer I saw one of my LAPD classmates, a great cop and a fine man, Jerry Bova, viciously put through the ringer in a coroner’s inquest by the late Johnny Cochran. Thankfully, the incident was ruled justifiable. Cochran proved to be better in getting murderers off than sending cops to prison, but allowing that circus to be held told me what we were up against.

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  • Jay Rocks

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