Australia opens front-line military roles to women.

Sergeant Crystal Groves, a U.S. Marine with the FET (Female…

Sergeant Crystal Groves, a U.S. Marine with the FET (Female Engagement Team), 1st Battalion 8th Marines, Regimental Combat team II. Paula Bronstein / Getty Images

Australian women will be allowed to serve in front-line combat roles after the government said Tuesday it was dropping all gender restrictions for the military.

Defense Minister Stephen Smith said Australia will follow Canada and New Zealand in allowing women who meet physical and psychological criteria to perform any role they choose, including serving as special forces troops.

“This is a significant and major cultural change,” Smith said.

Women can currently serve in 93 percent of employment categories in the Australian Defense Force, which includes the army, navy and air force. But some roles have been reserved for men, including infantry, artillery and naval clearance diving.

Source: MSNBC

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  • Jason Bourne #2

    Very good thoughts. It is too true. I recognized some of the middle thoughts. Came from the movie A Man Called Peter, which I would absolutely recommend. There is a clip of the particular part you wrote about on the internet, bad videoing etc…, but you can watch it here. Would highly recommend it.

    Completely agree. Of course, the state can always step in to be the parent… Though, that does bring to mind the falling/failing scores of public school kids. (Anyone who wants to challenge that point, don’t argue with me…look up the facts for yourselves.)

    Women don’t belong on the battlefield. I am not saying they are not capable etc…, but I am saying that they shouldn’t be there. One ranking officer in the military said that it complicated matters, he specifically mentioned guarding prisoners, specifically male prisoners (Don’t say “then they can guard females”) Only in the 21st Century have women truly been allowed/accepted in the military. I am not saying women haven’t helped out in uprisings in history (Joan of Arc, though she wasn’t part of an uprising), but as far as nations allowing it, only in the 21st Century. Can you imagine a Greek, Carthaginian, Roman, Persian, or Ancient Egyptian army filled with women? It was not historically accepted, why now?

  • Savoury

    A woman in the military goes completely against her natural nature, desires, and physiology. Now don’t stop reading this comment, merely because I started off opposing the idea of women in the military…I do have an argument to present. Now, before I go any further, I will state that I am in total support of the army, am saddened whenever I see the “peace” sign, because I know freedom isn’t free, have a camo purse, play airsoft with full military gear and outfit, and am a good shot. The idea of women in the military is a direct result of the feminist movement that swept the world. During WWII, women HAD to step up and work in the factories, making bombs, working night shifts, doing a man’s work, etc…BECAUSE THE MEN WERN’T THERE TO DO IT FOR THEM. After the war, women wanted to be more and more involved in the man’s world, the fire that had been kindled was to remain burning, brighter than ever. They wanted to do and be everything a man could do and be, without actually becoming one [The more recent years have destroyed even this last barrier between the sexes] Women, not even realizing it, have STEPPED DOWN by becoming an equal with the male. Women were revered, protected, tenderly loved before. The romantic sacrifice of a man protecting his girl from the hard world has disappeared, leaving women the less valued, yet more, seemingly “free”. Finally we had our freedom! We could drink, cuss, act, and be JUST as tough as they were and oh joy of joys! We could go out and die just like them! We didn’t need them. I don’t know how many of the readers have watched Black Hawk Down [an excellent, and accurate movie; rated R], but watching these GROWN, TOUGH, TRAINED, HARDENED men “losing it”, and crying, coughing up blood, getting shot up right in front of their buddies, seeing their captain get his body blown in half, and having to “collect” it later, truly sickened me…as a women. I realized the gun blasts deafening my ears, the horrible screams of the dying, the glass blown into the eyes of my buddy, doing CPR on my best friend as his pulse got weaker and weaker…WASN’T FOR ME, not only not for me but for any women that still had the strong, tender blood of the female flowing through her heart. If war is dirty, messy, horrible, gross, nauseating for grown toughened men [who were created to endure such things] and some never even mentally recovering afterwards, how could a WOMEN stand, recover, or carry through such a thing? How could the more beautiful, tender, loving one survive before, during, and afterwards? If we did, there might as well not be a creature called Women walking this earth. It is AGINAST our nature, and no logical argument could prove otherwise. War is a necessary horror…but women, leave it to the men. And if you are still tempted to join the military, watch Black Hawk Down, read reports about Afghanistan and Iraq [ones untainted with propaganda], and pray to God that your children and your lover can bear it, that you can bear it. If you don’t have anybody who cares about you, still don’t go into the military: there are better answers! We can support our great country so much more by supporting our men over- seas, by loving our kids, and being who WE WERE MADE TO BE~

  • Armored

    So much for the feminine, homemakers. If children didn’t have anyone to watch them before, now it will be worse; this will create many more latch key kids. Women don’t belong in the front line.