Australian Special Forces

Combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq have proven the value…


Combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq have proven the value of a well trained, adequately equipped and properly organized special operations capability to the ADF (Australian Defense Force). Experience in recent years has also proven that special forces are essential during non-combat operations such as disaster relief and peacekeeping. Although the ADF has a long special-operations tradition dating back to Word War II, events of the past decade highlighted the need to expand and better manage the nation’s special forces. As a result the ADF established Special Operations Command in 2003.

aus24.gifAustralian Defence Force’s Special Operations Command was established as a joint command with the same operational status as the ADF Land, Maritime and Air Commands. Over the years that have followed its establishment, Special Operations Command has provided a significant increase in Australia’s ability to respond to threats and relief missions both domestically and overseas. Special forces personnel assigned to the command operate in peacetime and war roles and are trained to carry out military objectives outside the means of Australia’s conventional forces.

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