Avoid The Ambush

I’ve always said that the best building entry is the…

I’ve always said that the best building entry is the one you can avoid. While this is good advice where a known suspect is inside, or where a warrant has to be served, it doesn’t hold water in real life, as cops have to do building checks (clearings) all the time on patrol. Hallways and “wall-ways” are particularly hazardous. In such situations, the officer will be out in the open until there is a doorway and that’s where things can really get interesting.

swat.jpgSome time ago during a tactical segment in a shoot house, a dozen students and I were asked what position an officer searching a building should take, in the center of the hallway or next to a wall. Of course, this is a loaded question, since no two situations are alike, but after all the others chose a path next to a wall, I advised to take a center path most of the time, or to switch back and forth from right to left as needed. OK, you might
say I cheated. I didn’t invent the system; I was just older than the others and had had some of the best instruction from
the best trainers over the years.

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