AWC Amphibian S .22LR Suppressor

Spec-Ops scalpel with seamless weapon suppressor incorporates generations of modification!

Today’s Amphibian S was developed to address wanted refinements in three specific areas: weight, accuracy and extended service life, and according to AWC the product exceeds expectations. Curiously, no special attention was paid to further noise suppression in this evolution although that’s an area that suppressor makers can hardly resist tweaking. The improved accuracy is achieved with the new interior design, and this in turn contributes to the extended service life. The Amphibian S suppression chamber measures 7 inches x1 inch and uses 304 stainless steel, 606 1T-6 aluminum, and titanium for the tube and component parts to accomplish the weight reduction goal. This part of the package is more or less seamlessly mated to the Ruger host weapon regardless of the owner’s choice of a Tactical Black, Olive Drab, or Flat Dark Earth finish.

The principal function of a firearm suppressor is to reduce muzzle blast, the occurrence precipitating the original sins of noise and flash. The Amphibian S flash signature has been sufficiently diminished by AWC’s proprietary baffle stack to the point that artificial measures are rarely necessary to mask the shooter’s position, even from a cold muzzle on the first shot. Night vision devices don’t bloom and a shooters’ position is not illuminated. Inducing an artificial environment is strictly shooter-optional.

In its most basic form and finish the Amphibian S reflects clean lines, broken edges, a longish barrel and functional sights. (Photo courtesy: ASI)

In discussions of suppressors, noise cancellation is usually addressed first. With an Amphibian S the sound pressure level from muzzle blast is low enough to disguise the point of origin well within the early-mandated distance of 30 feet with a handgun. This isn’t TV quiet, but with standard or high-velocity ammunition (which is recommended; subsonic ammunition is not) the perceptible report is noticeably softer and far reduced from a Mk III that has not been suppressed. There is no need for hearing protection even on cool nights when sound is magnified in underground garages, controlled concourses, aircraft hangers, on private yachts or in other confined areas.

There is no need to induce an artificial environment into an Amphibian S, although liquid or petroleum based additives may make the report quieter. Slide clatter, a notable but relatively insignificant aspect of shooting a suppressed pistol, can be addressed by an Amphibian S shooter who knows alternative gun handling procedures.

Tactical Black is the finish of choice for law enforcement and SWAT operations; the AWC Amphibian will ride comfortably with spare magazines and accessories in a nylon holster dedicated to it. (Photo courtesy: ASI)

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  • Johnrambo1

    The Ferrari of suppressed .22LR pistols. Sounds like a child’s cap gun. It is fantastic.

  • Ken

    Thank you, great article. I just bought one!