BAE Systems’ new armor protected, high mobility Caiman Multi-Theater Vehicle.

BAE Systems recently completed two successful demonstrations of the Caiman…


BAE Systems recently completed two successful demonstrations of the Caiman Multi-Theater Vehicle (MTV) before U.S. military leaders. A new version of the combat-proven Caiman Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle, Caiman MTV is designed for multiple theaters of operation and, specifically, the end strength transition from Iraq to Afghanistan.

The cost-effective Caiman MTV features a wider wheel base and more robust independent suspension and powertrain systems to navigate Afghanistan’s harsh terrain. With the perfect combination of interior capacity, tactical mobility and survivability, the Caiman MTV can be rapidly fielded to meet emerging, specialized requirements, including Command and Control On-the-Move, ambulance and troop transport. The new Caiman configuration can be delivered either as a new vehicle or chassis upgrade.


At a glance:

  • More useable interior volume under armor than any fielded MRAP is ideal for specialized vehicle requirements based on lessons from Afghanistan
  • Provides all-terrain mobility with 6×6 soft-soil advantage
  • 10-man crew capacity for troop transport missions
  • Supports a four litter system with attendant
  • Features a scaled-up Independent Suspension System from Arvin Meritor
  • 5-ton HVAC temperature control system provides optimum climate control to protect soldiers and critical computer equipment from hot and cold extremes
  • 95 percent commonality with tactical wheeled vehicle National Stock Numbers already fielded in support of Operation Enduring Freedom means parts are available in theater

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