Ballistic Breaching

A new pattern in criminal behavior is most disturbing. In…

A new pattern in criminal behavior is most disturbing. In less than a year’s span we have seen several active shooters first lock or barricade themselves into buildings and then begin a spree of murder and mayhem. This took place in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Chicago and again at Virginia Tech. It is not a coincidence or an anomaly; this situation has become a very real M.O. (modus operandi) for criminals and we, as the good guys, had better learn to deal with it and right now. My criminology training as well as a historical understanding of terrorism tells me that criminals are terrorists, and they are imitative not innovative. If something works for them they will keep on doing it until the good guys stop them.

Photos by Chris RohlingThe old template of surrounding a building and calmly negotiating with hostage takers is no longer one we can count on. Homicidal criminals have upped the ante and are setting up hasty barricades before they go about their raping, killing, or other foul deeds.

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