Barnes Bullets’ Triple-Shock

I’ve written about Barnes Bullets, at length discussing their excellent…

I’ve written about Barnes Bullets, at length discussing their excellent performance in tactical precision rifles. In particular, I’ve found the coated Barnes XLC series attractive for use in high-velocity rifles, because they’re exceptionally accurate, penetrate well, exhibit no copper fouling and provide excellent terminal ballistic performance as well.

sharp2.jpgBarnes has long been the leader in bullet technology, first with their now-legendary X-bullet, then with the coated XLC, and now with their Triple-Shock. But in order to fully understand the Triple-Shock’s design, we must first understand Barnes’s initial design, beginning with their famous X-bullet.

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  • Don Harris

    I just rebarreled my .284 win. I built in 1963
    (w/ the help of George Nonte)while in the 2nd Armored Div. I’ve reloaded w/ Hornady 139 gr. since I built it. I tried the 140 & 120 gr. TSX in my .284 & 7-08 steyr & they have converted me.
    I’m getting 3,350 fps w/ 120 in my 284 & 3,215
    in the 7-08. Put down(2) bucks @ 240 & 280 yds.
    respectively w/ clean pass-thru. I found one of
    the 120 gr. from .284 in a mud bank, retained 98%
    wt. standard bullet would have disintegrated traveling that fast.