Barrett debuted the M98B, which we all know about, and…


Barrett debuted the M98B, which we all know about, and the new M107A1. They have made a lot of improvements to the M82 to make the .50 meet the needs of the military. Check back with to see more pictures of the gun soon! Here is what is new:

1) Colored in dark earth,
2) New muzzle brake reduces the .50-caliber felt recoil even more than the “arrowhead” design,
3) Receiver now allows the operator to put on their own AR-style pistol grip. The show model featured one from Magpul.
4) Barrett is now attaching an angled piece of Picatinny rail to the forend of the receiver, which means the operator can add lights or CQB sights (for when an enemy closes on your position),
5) Integral rubber cheek pad for a more comfortable stock weld,
6) New push pins with a release button for easier disassembly.
7) A new Barrett scope ring that allows the operator to attach lights, lasers or as in this display a red dot optic to the side of the scope.

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