Sneak Peek: Bravo Company’s 300 Blackout RECCE KMR-A Carbine

The new 300 Blackout RECCE carbines from Bravo Company are sure to make waves with KMR-A handguards and tank-tough Gunfighter furniture.

In 2003, Paul Buffoni started a small commerce company in the basement of his home. His goal was to provide high-quality, mil-spec products to military and law enforcement customers.

Now, some 13 years later, Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM) has grown to more than 30 employees and occupies a 30,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. BCM’s line of products has also grown to include barrels, upper receivers, stocks, pistol grips and a complete line of duty-ready rifles.

BCM recently introduced its new 300 Blackout RECCE KMR-A carbine with either a 16- or 9-inch barrel. I was fortunate to receive both a 16-inch-barreled carbine and an SBR upper receiver for evaluation.

Having evaluated close to a dozen 300 BLK rifles in the past several years, I was extremely interested in a BCM carbine in this chambering. I was immediately struck with the balance and light weight of the rifle and the small diameter of the KMR-A rail.

The RECCE carbine comes standard with BCM’s excellent Gunfighter Mod 3 Grip and the Gunfighter stock. For those looking for a low-profile and lightweight rifle in 300 BLK that meets mil-spec requirements, Bravo Company Manufacturing is the place to shop.

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  • 1eagle44

    looked at several of these reviews, looks like they are afraid of the hi costs. don’t blame them at all. now i will go back to my original plans of a .308 cal or a 7.62 which is waaaay less than what the mfgrs are trying to ram down our throats. heck, i can pee faster than the 300, compare the bullet weights to velocity and energy!!! let us see the older is cheaper, more reliable, faster, easier to find in a critical situation(protection of country, killing terrorists. quick trips) and more energy. whatcha think of the crock pot now??