Bravo Company's Duty-Ready RECCE-16 KMR Mk2

Meet Bravo’s New Duty-Ready RECCE-16 KMR Mk2

With Bravo’s new Gunfighter furniture and KeyMod Rail system for attaching accessories, the RECCE-16 KMR Mk2 is paving the way for patrol rifles!

Bravo Company Manufacturing, or BCM, recently expanded its RECCE rifle series to include the RECCE-16 KMR Mk2, a 5.56mm AR-platform carbine with a flattop upper.

The RECCE-16 KMR Mk2 features Bravo’s free-floating KeyMod Rail (KMR) handguard, a mid-length gas system and a 16-inch barrel with a 5.56mm NATO chamber and a 1-in-7-inch twist rate for better accuracy with a wide variety of bullet weights.

The rifle also has BCM’s BCM Gunfighter compensator and charging handle, as well as the company’s redesigned pistol grip and buttstock.

The rifle’s unloaded weight is 6 pounds and its MSRP is $1,490.

For more information, visit bravocompanyusa.com or call 877-272-8626.

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