Bravo Company's RECCE-16 KMR ELW Mk2

Say Hello To Bravo’s New RECCE-16 KMR ELW Mk2

Bravo’s packed the new RECCE-16 KMR ELW Mk2 with a 16-inch, Enhanced Lightweight barrel, as well as its tank-tough Gunfighter furniture!

The new 5.56mm RECCE-14 KMR ELW Mk2 from Bravo Company Manufacturing, or BCM, features Bravo’s free-floating KeyMod Rail (KMR) handguard for adding accessories, a mid-length gas system for enhanced reliability and a 16-inch barrel with Bravo’s Enhanced Lightweight (ELW) profile, which has a continuous taper.

The rifle also sports BCM’s Gunfighter compensator, charging handles, pistol grips and buttstock, and its unloaded weight is 5.8 pounds—extremely light thanks to the ELW barrel.

The RECCE-14 KMR ELW Mk2 from BCM retails for $1,490.

For more information on the RECCE-14 KMR ELW Mk2 and other products from Bravo Company Manufacturing, please visit bravocompanyusa.com or call 877-272-8626.

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