BCM x Travis Haley “The Jack” (video)

Now with video! Designed for tactical applications, the BCMGUNFIGHTER™ COMPENSATOR…

Now with video!



Designed for tactical applications, the BCMGUNFIGHTER™ COMPENSATOR offers specially tuned slots and interior cones that deliver a balance maximizing recoil mitigation, muzzle rise compensation and flash reduction. The dual action brake also minimizes the side pressure blast and noise associated with gaming compensators and brakes.

Compatible with A2-mounted suppressors, comes permanently installed BAFT specs to bring the 14.5 inch 11595E barrel over 16 inches.

Learn more at bravocompanymfg.com/TheJack



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  • JH

    Ok… Looks like they just took an AR and made it look like the Robinson Arms XCR.

  • shotgunnr

    Its gorgeous none the less.

  • Awlhattin O’Kaddle

    I’m with Freddie Mac. What a mess this article is.

  • Freddie Mac

    The pictures and the verbiage of this article do not match up with each other at all. And wtf does this have to do with Travis Haley? Is he endorsing the product, did he design it, what?