Be an Off-Duty Sureshot

When an off-duty officer has to take action in response…


When an off-duty officer has to take action in response to a violent felony committed in his presence, he’s not just the first responder, he’s often the only responder who will be there in time. That’s why care must be given to selection of, and training with, the off-duty/plainclothes weapon.

guns.jpgHave Enough Gun
Two recent cases have highlighted the importance of the “carry enough
gun” argument, both mass shootings in public places perpetrated by lone gunmen. In Case One, in Utah, a berserker who opened fire in a shopping mall was engaged by an off-duty cop carrying only a single-stack Kimber .45, which he reportedly said later was downloaded to only six rounds in the magazine to reduce wear on the spring.

Even so, this cool cop used accurate fire to pin the gunman down and stop the murdering until the SWAT team could get there and finish the killer in a hail of gunfire. This incident has led countless officers around the country to be more disciplined about carrying not only a
gun, but also spare ammo off duty.

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