BedBunker Bed Gun Safe

Total hidden protection for firearms and other valuables is a…

Total hidden protection for firearms and other valuables is a reality, using this 1500 lb secure 78”x 30”x 15” 10 gauge steel strongbox fitted with ¼” thick steel 140 lb. hinged doors. BedBunker modular safes are designed to replace the box spring under twin, queen, or king size mattresses and are compatible with most standard bed frames.  Custom sizes are available by special order. Sophisticated Mul-T-Lock locking system, hydraulic gas-assist piston, and a strategically mounted maximum security hinge system carefully integrated for maximum strength and safe operation.

picture-3.jpgFire protection is managed through a fire resistant sealing system with certified 120 min. tests up to 1533 degrees. All structural components are tig welded and powder coated for maximum strength and protection from the elements. The BedBunker is equipped with 1” diameter threaded legs for height and leveling adjustments. Optional fully adjustable casters are available for easy repositioning.

As many as 32 rifles and 70 hand guns, supply complete protection within this carefully designed tamper proof hidden storage system.  BedBunkers are guaranteed for life.

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  • oscar

    Guns under the bed. They should bring an excellent mood for a nice dream.
    You need to be a coward to have weapons in such a place


    For someone living in Massachusetts, New York City, Washington DC or other rabidly anti-gun jurisdiction, this safe is the ultimate answer!

  • Ty

    Check out their website, there is some pretty slick stuff there. Though hidden safes are interesting, I am going to continue my search for an over sized custom safe.

  • You can definitely purchase these. Just go to their site – they’re $2200-4200, depending on the size of you’re bed. I don’t own one myself, but I’ve certainly thought about it.

  • Tony


    You can’t purchase. It is only a tease. If you bought one, they would have to make more. Which would be work. Much easier to not provide any contact information.

    Looks nice though. I’d like to buy one or two myself.

  • Kevin Gilbert

    Where do I purchase this??!! I must have one!