BENELLI MR1 Carbine in 5.56 NATO

A combat carbine has to perform the first time, every…


A combat carbine has to perform the first time, every time. The ultra-reliable ARGO (Auto-Regulating-Gas-Operated) system incorporated into the new Benelli MR 1 does it for the U.S. military, and now can be the centerpiece of an effective home defense plan. The MR 1 rifle, Benelli’s latest offering, is chambered in 5.56mm NATO (.223 Rem.) and uses the battle-proven ARGO system-the same system developed by Benelli for the M1014 and used for over a decade in multiple conflicts by the United States Marine Corps.

The sights are a military-style aperture, adjustable for windage and elevation in the field, using only a cartridge rim. A Picatinny rail allows mounting of both conventional and night-vision sights, while retaining metallic-sight capability. All steel parts are black phosphated and aluminum parts are hard-anodized in a matte finish for low visibility and corrosion resistance. The Benelli MR 1 carbine comes standard with a five-round magazine, and can also accept standard M16 magazines. An optional Picatinny tri-rail forend kit is available for mounting a laser aiming device, front handle, illuminator and other accessories.

The MR 1 features a stainless steel, self-cleaning piston that operates directly against the proven rotating bolt, thereby eliminating the need for complex linkages found on other inferior gas systems. This piston-driven system (ARGO), perfected by Benelli, incorporates a gas port located just forward of the chamber where the gases are hotter and cleaner, resulting in less fouling and more reliable cycling. In function testing the MR 1 exceeded the military requirements without malfunction. The result is a Benelli carbine with Marine-tough reliability able to function under the harshest environmental conditions.

Model: MR 1
Caliber: 5.56mm NATO (.223 Rem.)
Barrel Length: 16 Inches
Sights: Military-Style Aperture Sight
Metal Finish: Black phosphate & hard-anodized in matte black finish
Stock: Tactical Pistol Grip
Average Weight: 7.9 lbs.
Overall Length: 37.1 Inches
Bore Characteristics: Hard chrome lined with a 1-in-9 right hand twist
Method of Operation ARGO (Auto-Regulating-Gas-Operated)
MSRP: $1299

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  • They do not have the legal right to do that.

  • scottyUtah

    this gun’s great… great feel, easy shooting at close range by feel (no sighting). Stock sights need zeroing but this gun is frikin awesome. Noticeably less kick than the two other ARs I’ve fired.

  • John R. Harbison

    I love the looks and what I have read about the MR1 .223 rifle Has anyone shot it left hand. All the AR’s work fine for me shooting them left handed but before I buy the Benelli I would like some info. from a lefty

  • Great gun..only complaint is that the ejected shells are marking up the chamber. What is the best high capacity mag to buy for the mr1?

  • JM-New Jersey

    I am in this ridiculously restrictive state and looking for an AR/AK platform that is legal here.

    The MR1 lacks a flash-hider, bayonet lug, adjustable or folding stock which makes it entirely legal (with the 5 round magazine). Can anyone recommend a better alternative?

  • steve

    The only complaint I have is the empty shells marking the side of the chamber after firing.
    Besides that its a very smooth rifle.

  • Art Lamb

    I love my MR1. I have fired about 2000 rounds through it and have had no problems so far. I do keep all my guns clean so don’t expect any problems. It is accurate enough for me as I only shoot field positions and I plan to give it a try on coyotes in a couple of weeks…

  • Alex Crowley

    I love this thing .the MR1 is alot better then the Bushmaster ACR the ARGO system is a dream come true for the real time use crew mud snow sand and cold & heat this is a winner you can find ad one here also thy the CX4 great and better then the MP5/HK 94 I own and use them all and find the Beretta/Benelli a true Bang for the Buck

  • richard banasiak

    man and sons
    618-357-2911, thats where i got mine its pretty sweet

  • Troy

    I would also like to know where to get the forend kit. So far it has been a great gun!

  • john oxford

    where do i order picatinny tri-rail forend kit for mr1 ?