My thought is that the perfect carry gun will still…

My thought is that the perfect carry gun will still fill my hand, but is no larger than necessary—“big enough, yet small enough” to be the perfect combative carry gun—regardless of whether it is for personal security or law enforcement. My former agency has always striven to issue a pistol that is medium in size so that the gun can be carried by uniform personnel, plainclothes officers and while off-duty. I happen to agree with this trend and I have seen it in practice across the country by agencies both large and small.

While attending the 2010 NRA Show, I happened into the Beretta booth and moved into a corner where the Px4 pistol line was on display. One model caught my eye because it was a mid-size that I had not seen before and interestingly, no one was paying any attention to it. I picked it up and immediately liked the feel of the gun. It filled my hand without excess material hanging from under my grip, it was not overly tall in the hand and it was compact enough to easily carry concealed, but would also look right at home in a police duty holster. As soon as I got home, I made contact with the folks at Beretta and
was told the Px4 Compact would be introduced later that year.

beretta-px4-compact-9mm-bThe pistol employs a rotary barrel system. Note the helical groove around the oversized locking block portion of the barrel.

Uniform Or Plainclothes
The Beretta Px4 Compact is perfect for a dual use police service pistol. With an overall length of 6.8 inches and height of 5 inches, the Px4 Compact is sleek, symmetrical and efficient—and with a weight of 27 ounces, it’s not heavy so it can be carried on a duty or suit belt with ease.

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  • I test fired the 9mm Beretta PX4 compact at the range. It fit my men’s large hand very well using the medium sized backstrap. Recoil was low allowing for pleasant shooting and good shot placement. Sights were nice and large with the now standard 3-dot pattern. The double action trigger pull was comforting and “safe.” The single action trigger pull was fine and made follow-up shots simple. Of course, all traditional double actions (TDAs) have a fair amount of harmless take up before before hitting the point where the actual single action pull begins. Then a little initial pressure and a light squeeze provides an easily controlled single action pull. The recoil with the rotating barrel very mild using factory 9mm FMJ. The safety on this F model was difficult to reach when handling the gun strong hand only. There is a super easy solution to this for those who want to carry the PX4 concealed: As you reach for the gun in your holster, let the holster hold the gun tight while you push the safety off, then grip the gun normally. It works like a charm. Another tip for getting the most out of the TDA design is to manipulate the slide with the safety in the down or ON position. This gives you a wonderful grip on the slide with your weak hand and ensures the safety stays on while you’re fumbling about loading or unloading the pistol. The slightly extended slide release levers work great, but were still forward enough that they did not catch on my thumb and keep the slide from locking back on the last shot. The Beretta PX4 Compact. Great looks. Great feel in the hand. Excellent sights. Low recoil. A very safe trigger system. What’s not to like?