Beretta Px4 Storm JCP (Joint Combat Pistol)

Although not particularly related to the LE theme of the…


Although not particularly related to the LE theme of the IACP show, this Beretta Px4 Storm JCP is particularly interesting. In response to a solicitation from the government that is now suspended, this pistol is a result of that solicitation. It is chambered in .45 ACP, features a tan polymer frame, rugged magazine with protective bumper, ambidextrous safety/decocker, external extractor, forward slide serrations, beveled controls, a magazine release that can be switched for right or left-handed shooters, an accessory rail under the dustcover and a tactile grip.


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  • Bud

    I own the Px4 Storm in .40S&W sub-comp and like it very much. I like the look and feel as well as the accuratcy and reliable shooter. I would like to own a .45 ACP in the sub-comp PX-4 storm, 3″ barrel, with an extended mag which will hold 15 to 20 rounds. But the main thing needs to be changed is the safty because it is backward and has sharp edges and is the worse when it comes to flipping it on and off pos. I hope Beretta will make an after market safty that we can change to make it easier to use. OK, Beretta today is a good day to start. hehe.

  • J.Yarbrough

    Right on, Ron! I own the Px4 Storm in .40S&W which holds 14+1 rounds and I have to say that it’s been a very accurate and reliable shooter. I use it in a concealed carry capacity and always remain confident that it will not let me down as long as I provide the proper shot placement.

  • Mark R. Holcomb

    Please maker with a 20 round magazine. I like the looks, too.

  • Ron

    Anything that is chambered in .45ACP is a step in the right direction. We need to get back to to full power ammunition that is designed to KILL the enemy combantant rather than the smallish nato calibers like 9mm