Beretta Expands Sako Hunting Rifle Line For 2016

Beretta Expands Sako Hunting Rifle Line For 2016

The A7 Long Range and A7 Coyote join Sako's hunting rifle lineup, both of which are built on one-piece extruded aluminum skeletons.

Sako’s fine hunting rifle lineup has some exciting new additions in the A7 Long Range and A7 Coyote. These rifles are built on one-piece extruded aluminum skeletons (rather than a welded skeleton) for increased strength and durability, with aluminum-bedded barreled actions for accuracy.

The chassis are then embedded into Sako’s Roughtech stock, which features a Monte Carlo design with a wide, flat-bottom “beavertail” forend that sports twin sling attachment points. The Roughtech stocks are covered with a gritty, highly textured finish that promotes a solid grip on the stock in all weather conditions.

The Sako A7 Long Range takes that essential design and mates it with a 26-inch-long, fluted barrel chambered in long-range rounds including the .300 Winchester Magnum and 7mm Remington Magnum. Designed for big-game hunting at extended ranges, these rifles are equipped with detachable magazines that are top-load capable.

The Sako Coyote builds upon the A7’s concept with a rifle purpose-built for predator and varmint hunting. Coyote barrels are 24 inches long, fluted and chambered for a range of varmint calibers. This model boasts the same Roughtech stock, magazine and other features of the A7 Long Range.

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