Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact PRO

Eagle Imports, Inc., importers of the popular Bersa line of…

Eagle Imports, Inc., importers of the popular Bersa line of firearms unveil the Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact PRO pistol series with upgraded features. This lightweight compact, service-grade handgun, available in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP is built to perform just like its popular big brother but as a comfortable concealed carry version.


Like the full-frame Thunder PRO, the Ultra Compact now also features an improved Browning Petter barrel locking system ensuring smooth reliable feeding and ejection. Ideal for right or left hand shooters the Thunder PRO UC Series has ambidextrous features such as the safety, slide and magazine release. Additional features such as anatomically designed polymer grips and an extended slide release all make this compact pistol one comfortable carry. The frame is machined from a lightweight alloy with an integral Picatinny rail for the addition of tactical lights and lasers.

The Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact PRO is the perfect carry for personal protection or as a professional back-up handgun. For more information visit

Bersa Thunder UC PRO Specifications:

Model: TPUC9 TPUC40 TPUC45

Caliber: 9mm .40 S&W .45 ACP


Capacity: 10+1 or 13+1 10+1 7+1

Barrel Length: 3.25” 3.25” 3.6”

Weight: 23 oz. 23 oz. 27 oz.

Length: 6.5” 6.5” 6.8”

Height: 4.75” 4.75” 5.1”

Width: 1.45” 1.45” 1.45”

Frame Material: Alloy

Slide Material: Stainless Steel

Sights: Interchangeable SIG SAUER Type

Finish: Matte Black or Duotone

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  • Dan,
    Before you criticize, you need to know the difference between ‘Apples’ & ‘Oranges’; Kahr “does it”, as you said, but only with a ‘single stack’ magazine. That’s 6 rounds of 40 cal in the Kahr to 10 rounds in the Bersa. And Kahr only gives the ‘slide’ width in order that one can’t compare it with others having a ‘double stack’ grip- which is usually wider than the slide. Also, you might ask yourself why Kahr models are available while Bersa’s are NOT. PEOPLE WANT THE BERSA! PERIOD!

  • Jeremy in Maine

    Got mine in 40. caliber. It’s recoil is very manageable and i have never had a jam with it yet; even after putting hundreds of rounds through it. Only downside I found was that it tends to shoot a little low on target; however i think a laser on the front rail will remedy that problem. It’s easy to disassemble for cleaning, and conceals pretty well too. For a cheap concealed carry gun you can’t go wrong with the Bersa ultra compact pro.

  • Hogan Cable

    I own The Bersa Ultra Compact 9mm. Very impressed with this weapon. The weapon came out of the box, like it was made for me. I ran a combat shoot, the sight line was automatic, double action trigger pull was little draw back, single action was right on. I can not say enough good about this weapon, It quickly becoming the best handgun I own. Strongly Recommend

  • Tim in Georgia

    I own a Bersa Thunder Ultra-Compact .45ACP. This gun rocks! It is the most controllable BUG I have ever owned. This gun fits your hand like a glove and is truly ambidextrous. The double action trigger is long and a little stiff, but in single action, this gun has a short, crisp, predictable trigger. The sights lineup naturally in your hand and are very visible. It is a little thicker than my Glock 35 or my Taurus PT-145, but it is hands down, hundreds of cycled, the best shooter of the three. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

  • Dan

    Concealed carry at 1.45″ width – when are these manufacturers going to realize that “thin is in”.

    If Kahr can do it, what can’t the rest of them?