Bianchi 100T Professional Tuckable

Safariland LLC announced that it has released the Bianchi Model…

Safariland LLC announced that it has released the Bianchi Model 100T Professional Tuckable inside-the-waistband holster, which features a unique C-clip that wraps around the belt for minimal visibility and enables it to be worn with a tucked-in shirt.

The $64 Model 100T features a patent pending C-clip design that has an adjustable cant for a customized draw. The three-way adjustability feature of the Bianchi C-clip design ensures a proper firing grip is obtained where ever the holster is worn.

Additional features include a suedelined exterior to provide a non-slip material next to the body and a high-cut rear of the holster so it rides comfortably against the torso, eliminating discomfort often associated with sharp edges of the gun digging into the torso.

Constructed of full-grain leather in a plain tan finish, the Model 100T fits a variety of semiautomatic firearms including Glocks, Rugers, and S&W models and is available for 1.5-inch belt widths.

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