Bianchi Allusion, IWB Holsters

Safariland’s premium Bianchi holster line has a new look, and…

Safariland’s premium Bianchi holster line has a new look, and there’s more than meets the eye. The Allusion series introduces an innovative technology that combines the company’s quality leather holsters with thermoformed synthetics. The exterior of Allusion holsters is premium, vegetable-tanned cowhide with a traditional wet-formed contour, while the interior is a laminate synthetic that provides the solid rigidity of a thermoformed (injection-molded) holster. The Allusion has a triggerguard retention detent to provide greater firearms security with the same quick-draw capability as a leather, open-top holster.


The new Bianchi line also offers IWB models, each with dual tuckable C-clips and a soft, anti-bacterial, foam-padded skirt backing for additional comfort and reduced moisture buildup, which is common with all-leather or ballistic-nylon IWBs. Available models include the Suppression IWB, the Consent belt holster, the Reveal belt holster designed to accommodate handguns with rail-mounted lights and laser-targeting devices, and the Tuckable Professional IWB designed for.380 semi-autos and ultra-compact 9mm semi-autos. All Allusion models are available in tan or black. Learn more at





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  • kurt

    Great! More leather holsters! Blah