Black Rain Ordnance Charging Handle

Black Rain Ordnance charging handles are 100% cnc machined from…

Black Rain Ordnance charging handles are 100% cnc machined from a solid billet of 7075 T-6 aircraft grade aluminum. Each charging handle is engraved with the words BLACK RAIN so that when coupled with a Black Rain Ordnance upper receiver, the biohazard logo that is engraved on the upper receiver is surrounded by the words Black Rain on the charging handle. All Black Rain Ordnance Inc. products are made in the USA and that fact is engraved down the spine of the charging handle.

We clearly mark every piece that we make for a reason. We believe in our products and want the consumer to know that if they purchase a Black Rain Ordnance part, they are getting the best quality available.

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  • jp

    the bro engravings will do nothing for the function of the weapon, however their small hands on company produces the best upper and lower reciever in the world as of right now’s like dpms,bushmaster, rock river buy from wholesalers aand pay workers 8 dollars an hour to assemble, brois owed and operated and makes there own, it is night and day from the big guys, in fact I would hurry and get one before the big guys buy them out and they are gone or worse turned in to the massada product we have now from bushmaster, hope this helps.

  • Waylon

    It looks freekin cool as hell that’s what it does……let’s get real, we’re all not part of the SWAT team…..However, some of us like to have a nice rifle that’s not cookie cutter stuff. BRO is G2G

  • Allen

    So does all this engraving make it a better product? Does it add it function? What does this charging handle do that others do not do? Is it stronger and less prone to bending when used heavily in the field or at a gun school?