BLACKHAWK! Dynamic Entry Fire and Rescue Axes

BLACKHAWK! Products Group™ Dynamic Entry® Fire and Rescue Axes were…

BLACKHAWK! Products Group™ Dynamic Entry® Fire and Rescue Axes were designed to meet the specific demands of the fire fighting and rescue community where time is critical, conditions extreme and lives are on the line. The DE 9-11 Series Rescue Axes are constructed with an electrically non-conductive advanced polymer handle system combined with a drop-forged heat-treated carbon steel head for long-term reliability and dependable use. The 6 LB Pike Axe™ weights 8 lbs. and is 37” (MSRP $103.99) and the 8 LB Pike Axe™ weights 10 lbs and is also 37” (MSRP $129.99). The 6 LB Flat Axe™ weights 7.9 lbs and is 37” long (MSRP $96.99). All of the DE 9-11 Series Rescue Axes are offered with high visibility red or yellow handles.


Designed by professionals for professionals, the Dynamic Entry Super Pulaski Tool™ has been redesigned with an expanded grubbing end that dramatically increases its digging and grubbing effectiveness. It is constructed from a solid piece of drop-forged, high-carbon steel for greater strength and durability. A yellow polypropylene jacketed fiberglass handle reduced the impact stress on the operator yet the tool is also very balanced. The DE Super Pulaski Tool for Fire and Rescue operators exceeds the requirements demanded by firefighters. The DE Super Pulaski Tool weighs 7.5 lbs. with a length of 34.25”. It has a cutting hoe edge of 5” and axe edge of 4.5” (MSRP $137.99).


For those close or cramped quarters Dynamic Entry has designed a fast-working Single Bit Axe™. This balanced precision axe features a 19.5” yellow fiberglass handle and a 2.25 lb. head and 4” cutting edge. Total length of the Single Bit Axe is a compact 22.5” (MSRP $64.99).


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