BLACKHAWK’s SERPA holster for Taurus Judge

Norkfolk, VA- BLACKHAWK! has introduced the ultimate carry combination for…


Norkfolk, VA- BLACKHAWK! has introduced the ultimate carry combination for the popular Taurus Judge. Forget old-fashioned thumb breaks, cumbersome straps and snaps that slow draw speed and complicate re-holstering.

The SERPA provides users with several carry configurations. The holster comes with both a belt loop and paddle platform. Both platforms are angle adjustable allowing for five different positions ranging from extreme butt forward to extreme muzzle forward. Optional accessories allow users to carry the Taurus Judge in many configurations. The S.T.R.I.K.E. attachment allows the Judge to be attached to various BLACKHAWK! hunting and outdoor packs. The holster can also be attached to a drop leg platform. Also available for comfortable concealment is a shoulder harness.

The new SERPA holster is molded from a durable resilient blend of carbon fiber and impact-modified nylon for low maintenance and high performance in all environments. All SERPA holsters are one-piece, injection molded construction that provides better consistency and proven performance.

BLACKHAWK!’s patented SERPA Technology™ lock engages the handgun’s trigger guard. The active retention mechanism locks the handgun into place when holstered and the release is made using a normal drawing motion, with the trigger finger putting slight pressure on the holster body. The speed cut in the front of the holster allows for more rapid presentation and ease of re-holstering.

The new BLACKHAWK! SERPA holster for the Taurus Judge is available now, MSRP is $48.99. Visit for more information on this and other BlackHawk products. (Product will look different than pictured above)

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  • harvey h.

    i have the taurus rapid judge with the 7 shot cylinder with the 3″ barrel and i can’ find a concealed holster. can anyone help?

  • Jon G.

    Is this available I’m left hand model?

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  • Tanner

    I spoke with a rep at Taurus nearly 9 months ago and he swore there would be a serpa holster for the Magnum Judge coming real soon… i.e. late ’11 early ’12. My suggestion, call Taurus and bug the hell out of them to get it done finally.

  • If anyone is looking for a concealed carry holster for the Judge Magnum (3″ Chamber / 3″ Barrel) Bladetech offers a similar “Inside the Waist Band” concealed carry holster for a reasonable price. Check them out.

  • McCoy, M.D.

    This holster will scuff the heck out of a 3″ barrel ultra-lite Taurus Judge. Mine’s the Non-reflective black, (not sure if they come in steel) But there is MAJOR rubbage on the top side (as it is sitting in holster) of the cylinder. However, I’ve experienced the same thing with other tight-fitting leather belt holsters in defense of ‘SERPA’… @ WAYNE… I thinks its because they would have to pay discover a higher percentage of profits because apparently (solely hearsay) discover offers more/better cashback rewards, in turn, to their customers. -if that makes any sense, i’m way tired.

  • Jeff

    @j_underwood I tried this holster on the Public Defender Poly at academy this morning. It will NOT work as the poly is too thick.

  • will this holster work with the public defender poly.

  • Alex

    The question I keep seeing above is where to get a holster the the Taurus Judge. That’s easy…

  • EZ

    Is there another brand of holster that will fit this 3 inch barrel?? Please advise???????????

  • Monty

    I have searched and searched to try to locate a descent holster for the Taurus Magnum 3″ barrel and 3″ cylinder with no luck. I emailed black hawk and they stated they do not have a holster that will fit that gun. Any Suggestions?????

  • Some of these comments are dated. I do have a Tarus Judge Magnum with a 3″cylinder and a 3″ barrel.

    Do you have any belts that would go well with your new holster.

    The comment about the holster scratching a lightweight Judge does not sound valid.

    Thank you!

    C.W. Dubosky

  • Risky B

    If anyone is curious, the SERPA for the 2 1/2 inch chamber 3 inch barrel Judge WILL FIT the Public Defender 2 1/2 chamber/2inch barrel with only two issues. First, the holster will have that extra unneeded inch in length… not a big deal. Second, I think the trigger guard on the Public Defender is beveled down more, so the trigger locking mech on the SERPA doesn’t feel like it secures the gun as well even with the adjustment screw as tight as it will go. Still I have yet to shake the gun loose when its locked in… so all in all its a workable combo.

  • Brian

    It’s hard to believe that there’s not a version for the PD 2inch barrel model. The most popular model.If you make it, we will buy.

  • Eric Nelson

    Looks like an awesome holster. Where can I buy a Taurus Judge to fit it?

  • Jeff Yancey

    The first time I placed my new Ultralite Judge in this holster, it scratched the cylinder as it is much more tight than your standard Blackhawk CQ (use one for my service weapon, S&W M&P, and I love it). However, not a good product for a wheelgun, advise you not to buy unless you don’t mind scratches.

  • Larry W

    Blackhawk says they do not make a holster for the Public Defender and have NO future considerations for one. They told me in an email to buy one someplace else. I will ! Blackhawk SUCKS !

  • Larry

    I too, am looking for a LEFT HAND Paddle Holster for my Taurus Judge, 2-1/2″ chamber with a 2-1/2″ barrel.

  • Called blackhawk they said holster for Judge with 3in. cylinder will be out in Jan. 2010?



  • Mark

    I need a serpa holster for my new magnum Judge Do you make them yet


  • Sam

    I called them to inquire about the left handed SERPA model, not available at this time, should be out July 09 or later.

  • Walter

    UPDATE…I spoke to Blackhawk this morning and they do not make a SERPA holster (or any other holster) for the new Taurus Judge with the longer cylinder. They also indicated that nothing was planned for that revolver on 2009.

  • walter

    Does Blackhawk make a SERPA holster for a Taurus Judge with the longer cylinder (that accepts 3″ .410 shells), and a 3 ” barrel? I’ve read that they do…but can’t find any mention on Blackhawk’s web site? If not…is there another source for a holster that would fit this firearm?

    Any help would be great…thanks.

  • Scott

    This always happens when a gun manufacturer “sandgags” the first new gun design.
    Tarus should have known the 3″ would have been the better cartridge to build the gun around. Mistakes like this unnecessarily costs everybody R&D money, especially the aftermarket accessorisers like Blackhawk.

    Don’t expect this Serpa holster to work with anything other than the origional release Judge of 2.5″chamber and 3″ barrel. Possibly a longer barrel but then your draw will suffer.

  • Wayne Gamon

    I have tried to purchase Blackhawk’s SERPA holster for a Taurus 3″ Judge from you. Why do you not accept the Discover credit card?

  • Mark

    If it does fit the 3″, where can I buy it? I can’t find it on the Blackhawk site.

  • Mark

    I have the same question as regis and Zatkos: Says:
    Does this holster fit the new 3 inch 410 shell chamber on the Taurus Judge or just the 2 1/2 inch 410 shell ?

  • regis

    I have 3″ cylinder, 3″ barrel SS Judge, does your holster fit the 3″ Barrel/Cylinder?


  • R. Zatkos

    Does this holster fit the new 3 inch 410 shell chamber on the Taurus Judge of just the 2 1/2 inch 410 shell ?

  • Bobby Cato

    Where can i buy online the Blackhawk holster for the Taurus Judge?

  • Eric R. Poole

    I followed up on this and was told that a left handed model of the SERPA for the Taurus Judge is in the works. Thanks for your comment! – Eric R. Poole

  • Roger Dittberner

    How do I purchase a Left handed padle holster for my Taurus Judge 3″?

    Please let me know….Roger