BLACKHAWK’s SERPA Quick Disconnect System

  BLACKHAWK's latest development in the continuing evolution within the…


BLACKHAWK’s latest development in the continuing evolution within the SERPA™ line of holsters is their new SERPA Quick Disconnect System, which  allows for rapid platform changes with no tools required. Within seconds, you will be able to change your SERPA holster from a duty belt to a Tactical platform for SWAT use, from MOLLE vest to a shoulder harness, all with one hand. The variations for the SERPA Quick Disconnect System are limited only by your imagination.

holster-adapter-and-duty-belt-loop-w-female-adapter.gifThe SERPA Quick Disconnect System works by placing a holster adapter on your SERPA holster and placing the 2 holster mounts on whichever 2 platforms you use; duty belt loop, Tac Platform, S.T.R.I.K.E. CQC Platform, or others. The holster adapter’s teeth slip into the slots of the holster mounts. Simply rotate one click clockwise and the two release tabs lock the teeth into place. The release tabs are located on the top and bottom of the mounts. The tabs are protected when the holster is in a straight up and down orientation on the duty belt loop and leg platform, where they are most at risk of becoming snagged. To remove, pull the two release tabs forward and rotate the holster one click counter-clockwise and it releases the holster.  This system also allows complete angle adjustment, with no tools required.

The BLACKHAWK! SERPA Quick Disconnect System includes two female adapters and one male adapter. Male and female adapters also sold separately, so you can set up as many holsters and platforms as you need.

Both the SERPA QD kit and the separate components are available in black, coyote tan, foliage green and olive drab.

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  • Chip

    Blackhawk is infamous for “vaporware”. The SERPA system was like this when it came out several years ago. I had to call their design facility in Montana to get ordering information when I wanted to purchase a SERPA holster. They market the heck out of a product then keep production low to increase demand. Their CS folks are usually the last to know and suffer the ire of angry customers. You’d think BH would fix this glaring customer service inadequacy. I’ve bought other products from other manufacturer’s because of this.


    hmmm…. I think the CS people you spoke with may not know about it yet. It starts shipping in December and the information above came from the PR & Marketing folks at BlackHawk. Maybe check back with CS in December?

  • Aaron

    Funny, but Blackhawk’s doesn’t list the SERPA QD kit, and their Customer Service people don’t seem to know anything about it. I emailed them on or about October 20, ’08 asking about the SERPA QD kit with a link to this article and got a reply asking what product I was asking about.