Blade-Tech IWB Razor Series Holsters

As the market for a comfortable, secure concealed carry holsters…

As the market for a comfortable, secure concealed carry holsters evolves and grows, Blade-Tech turned to its customers for input on what features they wanted to see most in a new line of Kydex holsters. From this input, the new Razor Series of Inside the Waistband holsters were born. The Razor Series are handmade with a smoothly contoured, full length sweat guard on the body side of the holster to eliminating hotspots and help provide a more comfort fit. To increase stability, the Razor was designed with a rigid Kydex offset belt loop that give the holster a solid platform and secure fit. This belt loop is meticulously made to fit specific belt sizes to help further reduce movement of the holster when worn. The Razor’s thin profile helps increase its overall ability to be concealed. These new holsters are manufactured with high quality and durable Kydex that does not collapse, making for fast and easy re-holstering. With the built in adjustability and value, this Razor Series of IWB holsters are a great new addition to Blade-Tech Quality line of holsters.
Works with new Kydex lined belt, Looper series. Our Price: $69.95

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