Bloodhound Cellphone Detector

Bloodhound is a handheld, wireless sniffer specifically tuned to the…

Bloodhound is a handheld, wireless sniffer specifically tuned to the RF signature of common cell phones including PCS, CDMA / WCDMA, GSM and Cellular bands (specify North American or European/Asian model). Bloodhound’s high speed scanning receiver utilizes a multi-band DF (Direction Finding) antenna system allowing security personnel to locate all nearby cell phones in either standby mode or actively using voice, text (SMS) or data transmissions making it the perfect tool for enforcing your NO WIRELESS security policy in universities, government & military installations, hospitals, law enforcement agencies, financial institutions and prisons and correctional facilities. Instead of blanket, no-wireless jam signals (which are illegal and unsafe in many instances), Bloodhound prevents wireless usage by detecting and even locating the perpetrator.

-Continually scans for all cellular phone activity
-Multiband receiver for Cellular, PCS, CDMA & GSM phones
-Direction Finding Antenna leads operator directly to the target
-Integrated laser-assisted directional antenna alignment
-Over 16 hour runtime with less than 4 hours for recharging
-Vibrating alert
-Rechargeable lightweight (lithium polymer) battery
-Audible alert
-Continually scans for cellphone uplink activity
-Integrated earpod jack
-LED signal level indicator
-One-handed operation (weighs less than 2 lbs.)
-Concealable & wearable

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