Boomerang Sniper-Detection System

In a war zone, any number of factors can contribute…


In a war zone, any number of factors can contribute to the hostile and chaotic environment in which soldiers find themselves, especially enemy gunfire. In 2004, in both Iraq and Afghanistan, US troops found themselves increasingly under sniper attack. That’s when DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), a high-tech research and development branch of the Pentagon, organized a plan to help protect our soldiers from AK-47s and other small arms. They contacted Massachusetts-based BBN Technologies, a leading provider of advanced technology, research and development, to come up with a quick and cost-effective solution.

boomerang2.gifIn a little over two months, BBN designed, developed tested and delivered 50 units of the vehicle-mounted Boomerang mobile shooter-detection system. Without delay these first-generation Boomerang systems were sent to US troops for immediate deployment.

Boomerang consists of two sections: an acoustic array of seven microphones atop of a single mast and a LED 12-hour rosette display panel with a speaker that’s used to mount inside the vehicle.

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