Two fully equipped NPD SRT officers inspect the steel fence…

Two fully equipped NPD SRT officers inspect the steel fence that separates the international boundary between Mexico and the U.S. in Nogales, Arizona.

As strange as this may sound, there was a time when no steel fence separated the City of Nogales, Arizona, from the City of Nogales, Mexico. In the old days, it was a lot easier to cross the international boundary between both nations. Due to the dramatic increase in smuggling activity, including uncovering some 60 drug tunnels in the last four years in Nogales, Arizona, the border between the U.S. and Mexico is now more secure than ever before. This situation is not likely to change at any time in the future.

Any law enforcement agency that is responsible for policing a border town knows from experience that their job is complicated by the fact that criminals can easily slip back across the international boundary to freedom. While it is true that in more extreme situations the Mexican authorities have been known to cooperate with U.S. law enforcement officers, the ability to pursue and locate criminals has always been generally hampered by the presence of a border that can be quickly and easily crossed.

A lone NPD SRT officer looks out at Nogales, Mexico, from the high ground in Nogales, Arizona. The SRT has found their Stag Model 2s to be very reliable.

Even though Nogales, Arizona, only has a population of approximately 20,000 people, this border town is a major transportation area for railroads, vehicles and pedestrians who cross the international boundary in both directions on a regular basis. Despite the fact that tourism into Mexico has reportedly declined in recent years, Nogales, Arizona, and its sister city of Nogales, Mexico, are still tourist destinations. This means that in addition to the local population the Nogales (Arizona) Police Department has to also deal with the constant flow of tourists and cargo traffic through their jurisdiction.

Whether patrolling the border fence, raiding drug lairs, or taking out threats from afar, Nogales PD keeps Arizona, and America, safe. Armed accordingly and trained for every scenario, these officers keep drug cartels, illegal
immigration and terrorism at bay.

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  • Eric

    If anyone didn’t do their homework, it is you. The F.B.I. had nothing to do with fast and furious, that was the work of the A.T.F. Like Nick said take a chill pill, your going off pretty crazy.
    This is a great piece, covering great security work.

  • Nick Jacobllis

    Mr. Missionary,

    You Sir need to take a chill pill.
    It is obvious that you have absolutely no idea what the term “keep at bay” means. I learned early on in my law enforcement career that the job of a law enforcement officer is to give a good account yourself even through the odds of stopping ALL criminal activity is slim to none. Cops of all kinds do the best they can and cannot be expected to make policy or cure all the ills of the world. In fact, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we live in an imperfect world. If you have a problem it’s with the same system that we all have to deal with on a daily basis and not with the police officers, deputy sheriffs, state troopers, highway patrol officers and federal law enforcement officers who risk their lives and their health on a daily basis to protect and serve. One last comment: I pay a very high price for my service to our country. I live in pain every day from the injuries that I sustained in the line of duty while working as a federal agent. Have you done anything to contribute to society in a positive fashion or do you just specialize in complianing.

    Nick Jacobellis

  • Missionary

    I don’t understand how this writer came with the statement, these officers keep drug cartels, illegal immigration and terrorism at bay? That is farther from the truth! He must be a fan of Obama, Mama, Drama! There is no border any more! You have 50 billion U.S. dollars in the narcotics trade a year! You have thousands that cross the border illegaly. You have human trafficking in the thousands. Then you have the Fast and Furious from the FBI allowing huge amounts of weopans and ammo go into Mexico, directly to the drug cartels! This writter has not done his homework at all! It’s amazing that a man gets paid to write lies to fool the american people!