Bravo 18

The only weapon that can be adapted for any mission…

The only weapon that can be adapted for any mission is the warrior himself. At Bravo 18 the operator is mission one. We manufacture, modify and repair all types of weapons for the purpose of providing warriors with the weapon enhancements they require from mission to mission.

Bravo18 will absolutely never tell you what you need. We don’t know your mission, we just know weapon systems and how to modify them to best meet your requirements.

Our gunsmiths represent over 60 years of not only building weapons but using them in the field. Current or retired members of the US Army, Army Rangers, Special Operations and Law Enforcement SWAT represent Bravo18.

An operator who has been there is designing, manufacturing, repairing, and quality assuring every weapon that goes out of our doors. No one will take your weapon systems quality and reliability more serious than we will.

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