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TEN-X TACTICAL TX-12 STW:; 909-946-8369 In the gray area…

TEN-X TACTICAL TX-12 STW:; 909-946-8369

In the gray area between the use of rams and Halligan tools of mechanical breaching and the use of high explosives, exists several different techniques, tools and devices. Pneumatic jamb spreaders, cutting saws, torches and even using hooks attached to vehicles to pull security doors off their hinges—all are a part of the breaching toolbox. Another common method in law enforcement S.W.A.T. work and on military battlefields is using door-breaching rounds in specially modified 12-gauge shotguns.

SERBU SUPER-SHORTY:; 813-243-8899)

This wasn’t always the case. The British Special Air Service pioneered the use of shotguns for breaching. Short-barreled semi-auto shotguns with pistol grips were used to breach using standard buckshot fired into door locks and hinges. The problem with this was the over-penetration of buckshot into the room, possibly endangering the hostages or innocents inside and the creation of secondary missiles, such as pieces of metal or wood. Additionally, standard shotgun barrels could bounce off the wood or metal doors, slowing follow-up shots as well as the possibility of a barrel burst if the end of the barrel was thrust flat against a door.

MOSSBERG 500 CHAINSAW;; 203-230-5300

Entry Advances
In the U.S., LAPD S.W.A.T. borrowed the use of the shotgun to breach from the SAS in their training build-up for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. LAPD bomb squad personnel developed the first flash-bangs as well as the first specialty breaching slugs during this time.

Standoff muzzle devices set breaching shotguns apart from the rest. This Mossberg 500 has also been modified with the FLEX interchangeable stock system, a railed forend and a SureFire X300 light for close quarters. Sean Utley Photo, Inset Jeff Rose

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  • professor mister awesome

    These shotgun pics have me hard as a rock!

  • shane h

    to the above posts,police are facing a more dangerous world today than in the past. desperate times call for sesperate measures ,if you will… they face an abundance of heavily armed street gangs and cartels ,do you blame them for wanting to go home intact?… just saying its not the 60’s anymore a 6shot .38 wont cut it past a jr high level.. were dealing with real criminals

  • Jim Mullin

    The guy that is all armored up in the top photo would be in trouble if it came to hand to hand.He looks encumbered and his’ situational awareness to the sides and rear don’t look good.A pickaxe in the back would really hurt.

  • Jim Mullin

    I know you guys love this police as military crap but police should be police NOT stormtroopers or the SS.Check yourselves,if you make yourselves the enemies of the American public,you’ll lose,no matter how many neat toys you get from the Feds.Whatever happened to officer friendly? Do you guys all want to be Navy S.E.A.Ls or Army specops? Then go join the military.Stop playing army with American civilians.BTW I’m an excop,but we used 38s back then and a billy club.We weren’t out to break into American homes,or have gestapo type roadblocks.Take a few steps back,send the toys back to the feds,become policemen again and stop thinking of American civilians as an enemy.